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W-SS named & camouflaged binocular case

W-SS named & camouflaged binocular case


Now this is a binocular case which truly has it all! This particular example features a red/green two-tone camouflage painted exterior, along with the name of the Waffen-SS Unterscharführer who owned the set etc. Interestingly, the owner also inscribed the serial number of the binoculars which were originally held within the case. This number relates to a pair of 10x50 Dienstglas made by Zeiss (blc). 


Aside from these special features, the case is dated 1941 and maker coded 'hte', as well as still being fitted with the original shoulder carry strap. 


Overall, a simply superb item and one which would surely be a highlight in any optic display, fieldgear collection or in wear on a combat mannequin! A unique piece of SS camo equipment! 

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