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Sniper 7.92x57mm Anschuß ammunition boxes

Sniper 7.92x57mm Anschuß ammunition boxes


Here we have an exceptionally rare pair of card ammunition boxes which once each held 15 rounds of the highly prized 7.92x57mm s.S. Anschußpatronen.


These rounds were loaded to the highest standard of any German 7.92x57mm ammo produced during the war and developed, initially, to test rifle accuracy. However, it's unsurprising that some frontline Scharfschützen (snipers) were eventually issued with such rounds later in the war, as proven by numerous Soldbuch records. 


By this stage, such rounds were only produced under the 'cg' headstamp code, as marked on the outer labels of each of the 1943 and 1944 dated boxes depicted here. 


Clearly, not many of these Anschußpatronen boxes survive today, and indeed these are the first individual 15 round boxes which we have been able to offer! Perfect for a collector of ordnance or sniper related items! 

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