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Sniper Patronenkasten 900 s.S. Anschuß 'cg 1944'

Sniper Patronenkasten 900 s.S. Anschuß 'cg 1944'


Here we have an exceptionally rare late-war wooden 'Patronenkasten 900' model ammo box which once held 900 rounds of the highly prized 7.92x57mm s.S. Anschußpatronen.


These rounds were loaded to the highest standard of any German 7.92x57mm ammo produced during the war and developed, initially, to test rifle accuracy. However, it's unsurprising that some frontline Scharfschützen (snipers) were eventually issued with such rounds later in the war, as proven by numerous Soldbuch records. 


Given it's type, condition and date; it is almost certain that this box once comprised such a delivery - with the label denoting issue in late September 1944. 


The box is completely untouched and in 'as found' condition from France. Aside from some looseness to the rear dovetail joints, it remains in good condition. 


Externally, there are the remains of the outer label to the front, along with other designation markings and both rope carry handles. Internally, the main label remains completely intact and shows signs throughout of the pink coloured glue which is typically seen on late-war wooden crates. 


There surely cannot be more than a handful of such Anschußpatronen boxes surviving today and indeed this is the only one which we've ever encountered! Perfect for a collector of ordnance or sniper related items! 

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