Normandy camouflage gas mask set '1943'

Normandy camouflage gas mask set '1943'


A truly fantastic, original camouflage gas mask set in the typical 3-tone colour scheme from the Normandy theatre of operations! 


This example is in completely untouched condition throughout, with the vast majority of the spray applied camouflage finish remaining. 


It also remains fitted with the original canvas shoulder strap (plus remnant of the short strap, with 'ebd' code) and its gas mask still stored internally. The spare lens compartment lid is marked with the maker's logo and 1943 date. 


A real combat veteran and should you only want one true, "one-look" original Normandy camouflage gas mask set in your collection that you won't ever need to worry about; then here's one that certainly fits the bill!