MG42 Laufschützer 42 barrel case 'wa 43 WaA'

MG42 Laufschützer 42 barrel case 'wa 43 WaA'


A truly outstanding example of its type!


A rare original Laufschützer 42 model spare barrel case, made exclusively for the shorter MG42 barrel. 


This example is presented in very nice used (but not abused!) condition, with the vast majority of the original factory tan paint remaining intact. It also remains fitted with its original, full length canvas shoulder sling with 'lux' marked metal fittings. 


The case itself is marked with the maker code and date 'wa 43', indicating production by Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Leipzig. Indeed this example remains in such nice original and unmessed with condition, that even the ink Waffenamt marking is still visible!! 

In over 10+ years of collecting MG related items, this is one of only a small handful of complete, unmessed with MG42 barrel cases which we have ever encountered or even seen in this condition. Don't miss it!