MG42 broken shell extractor tools 'hoz WaA14'

MG42 broken shell extractor tools 'hoz WaA14'


Rare original extractor tools for the MG42. Officially designated as the Hülsenentferner 42, this tool is fairly easy to confuse with the far more common variant for the MG34 - with the main notable difference being the flat discs in place of the usual 'horns' on the MG34 examples.  


These particular examples are presented in very good original blued condition, with remnants of storage grease, and are marked 'hoz WaA14' to indicate production by Bernhard Zade, Berlin


One of the main accessories that was produced specifically for the MG42, and the perfect piece to complete any MG42 gunner's kit which is likely to be missing this key component!