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MG34T Panzermantel ground kit box

MG34T Panzermantel ground kit box


A very rare original 'MG-Zubehör' (MG accessories) box for the MG34T Panzermantel. This box would have been stored within the Panzer (IV, Panther, Tiger, King Tiger etc) or other AFV, and held the vital ground adaptation kit for the MG34. This kit included the buttstock, bipod, AA sight and sling etc, and enabled the MG34T to be used in the event of evacuation from the vehicle.


This particular example retains the vast majority of the original ivory/tan paint, with the 'MG-Zubehör' designation stencil markings to the front. The original canvas carry strap also remains completely intact. Inside, the majority of the wooden fixtures and fittings have been removed, as is typical for these boxes.


The perfect item for any collector of MG34 or Panzer related equipment! 

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