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MG34 Trommelhalter top cover 'WaA4'

MG34 Trommelhalter top cover 'WaA4'


A rare Trommelhalter (drum holder) top cover for the MG34. This accessory was designed to allow any MG34 to accept the 75 round Patronentrommel 34 (PT34) double drum magazine.


Originally destined for use in anti-aircraft positions, the double drum soon became obsolete and was replaced by the standard 50 round Gurttrommel (belt drum), in 1939. Nevertheless, both the double drum and the necessary top cover would go on to be used almost exclusively by armoured units - with MG34s mounted on Sd.Kfz250/215/222/223 vehicles etc.


This particular example of the double drum top cover is presented in very nice overall condition, albeit with some slight pitting (although this is mainly to the underside) and the remains of dried storage grease. All parts are fully functional, including both of the spring-loaded drum doors, release button and locking latch.


The cover is marked with the MG34 serial number '2521b' and this number matches throughout on all of the small parts. As is typical, the larger Waffenamts have been lined though, however, all of the smaller stamps still remain intact. Given that these read 'WaA4', production of this piece can be attributed to Gustloff-Werke, Waffenfabrik Suhl - who also produced the MG34s themselves, under various codes (BSW, 936, dfb).


Overall, this represents a very scarce accessory for the MG34 and is surely a must-have item for any MG collection! 

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