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MG34 PT-34 drum magazine 'wa 41'

MG34 PT-34 drum magazine 'wa 41'


To those in the know, this piece should need no introduction as a true 'holy grail' of MG related items - an original, matching numbered Patronentrommel 34 75-round double drum magazine for the MG34!


This item would have been used in conjunction with the special Trommelhalter top cover, in order to adapt the feed mechanism. In reality, it was an accessory which was quickly replaced for infantry use by the standard 50-round belt drum. However, the PT-34 went on to find a new role with the crews of AFVs and a few period pictures exist showing their use in this role during battles on the Eastern Front, including Kharkov 1943.


This particular example survives in excellent condition, with pretty much all of the original blued finish remaining. To the top it is maker/date marked 'wa 41' denoting manufacture by Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG. The Presstoff hand strap and both of the internal (dummy) follower rounds are also still present.


This model should not be confused with relatively common DT-15 model drum, produced specifically for the Luftwaffe MG15, nor the number of relic PT-34s that are around today - which probably account for 95%+ of all surviving specimens!


Here is a chance to pick up what is surely one of the best examples around, and would make the perfect addition to any serious MG collection or for those with interests in Panzer/other AFV related equipment!


*N.B. Payment cannot be accepted by PayPal for this item. Shipping restrictions may also apply, so please check import rules in advance if purchasing from abroad.

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