MG34/42 Laufschützer 43 'brc 43' + Deactivated MG42 barrel 'ar'

MG34/42 Laufschützer 43 'brc 43' + Deactivated MG42 barrel 'ar'


A nice, completely untouched and heavily combat used example of the Laufschützer 43 spare barrel case designed specifically to accept both MG34 & MG42 barrels.


The case is marked to one end with the maker and date markings of 'brc 43', and is still fitted with the original canvas shoulder strap, complete with 'lux' marked hardware. While most of the original field grey paint has worn away to the exterior, internally this is retained to a very high degree, as shown. 


The case also comes complete with an original wartime manufactured MG42 barrel deactivated to EU/UK specification with certificate. Note this is a guaranteed original wartime example and is NOT a post-war Yugo M53 barrel that has been stamped to appear as WWII period, as is often the case. 


The barrel is clearly matching 'ar' maker coded, marked to both the barrel and locking lug sections, indicating manufacture by Mauser-Werke AG, Werk Borsigwalde, Berlin-Borsigwalde


A fantastic set for any MG collection or display of combat used equipment! 


**Due to inclusion of the deactivated barrel, shipping is only available to addresses situated within mainland UK.