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MG34/42 E-Kasten 'brc 42 WaA'

MG34/42 E-Kasten 'brc 42 WaA'


A very nice example of a steel Patronenkasten 41 model ammo can which was repurposed for use as an MG34/42 E-Kasten (Ersatzteilkasten or spare parts box).


This example retains the majority of the original factory-applied field grey paint, as well as the white 'E' designation marking. The serial number of the MG (1431) with which this box was originally paired is also marked on one side.


The box is very nicely Waffenamt marked and coded 'brc 42' to the lid, indicating manufacture by Fr. Weber & Co., Berlin, during 1942.


All of the handles remain fully functional whilst also retaining the original covers made from grey coloured Presstoff! A lovely example of this relatively scarce MG accessory box!

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