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M24 Stielhandgranate '43 fcc'

M24 Stielhandgranate '43 fcc'


A stunning original M24 Stielhandgranate in excellent condition, and complete with the SS-model fragmentation ring. 


As shown, the wooden handle is clearly marked '43 fcc' to indicate manufacture by Metallwarenfabrik Hermann Nier, Beierfeld bei Schwarzenberg, Erzgebirge, during 1943. This part has also received a light coating of varnish to protect it at some stage, but this could be easily removed if so wished. 


The head of the grenade is stamped '4 dbk', denoting the maker Richard Rinker GmbH, Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg. This component retains a fair amount of the original green-grey paint, and has not been touched up or overpainted like so many. 


Internally, the pull chord and porcelain ball also remain intact. 


Overall, a superb example of its type and one which would be hard to upgrade upon in this condition! 


Whilst the head remains intact, it is empty and has been rendered completely inert/FFE.


**Please note that this item is only available to customers whose postal address is situated within the UK mainland. No international shipping. 

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