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Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars

Zeiss 'blc' 7x50 Kriegsmarine binoculars


A nice original set of Kriegsmarine issued Zeiss 7x50 gas ocular binoculars, complete with the original case. 


This particular pair remain in good, used condition whilst also retaining the period rubber eyepieces. The Zeiss 'blc' markings and other data are marked to the right hand prism plate, with the serial number indicating manufacture some time during 1944. The optics, whilst still clear enough to be used, would certainly benefit from a service. 


The original rubberised (waterproof) case is also presented in similarly good condition, and is both marked with the Zeiss logo and the Kriegsmarine proof stamp. All four of the internal lens holders remain intact, and the closure tab is fully functional. 


Overall, these represent a very nice, untouched set of Kriegsmarine binoculars! 


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