Kriegsmarine U-boat Bordmutze + 1936 Olympic emblem

Kriegsmarine U-boat Bordmutze + 1936 Olympic emblem


A nice honest original Kriegsmarine Bordmutze sidecap in dark blue cloth. This example remains in as found condition, with only relatively minor mothing to the rear sides and some internal patch repairs. 


Along with the usual insignia to the front, this one is also fitted with an original 1936 Olympic enamel pin badge. This was adopted as a symbol of the year in which a sizeable number of naval officers joined the Kriegsmarine - known as the "Crew of 36". 


Ultimately, this emblem was chosen as the tradition badge for some 23 separate U-boats in total, with the crew of these boats also opting to display this badge upon their sidecaps. 

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