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Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'

Hensoldt 10x50 Panzer binoculars 'bmj'


A very nice pair of the 10x50 'Panzer' roof prism binoculars, which were produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar under the 'bmj' maker code.


Factory finished in black paint, this particular set retains 90%+ of the original finish - with the majority of the wear occurring to the more coarsely textured upper barrels. They also come fitted with an original Bakelite ocular rain guard and leather neck strap which are both in similarly good condition. 


The optics remain clear and focus well to produce a very nice image - as well as retaining the H/6400 Strichplatte rangefinding reticle within the right-hand side. 


A great example of their type, perfect for use and/or display! 

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