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Gestell 31 wooden optic tripod 'Gebrüder Haff, Pfronten'

Gestell 31 wooden optic tripod 'Gebrüder Haff, Pfronten'


A very nice pre-war example of the Gestell 31 optic tripod, as used with a variety of optical instruments such as the S.F.14 trench periscope, Richtkries aiming devices and the Entfernungsmesser 36 rangefinder etc. 


Unlike most surviving examples, this one retains the original factory-applied paint throughout. It is also very nicely maker marked, indicating manufacture by 'Gebrüder Haff, Pfronten'. This is the only example of its type which we have seen from this maker and, given the low serial number, it is presumed that the production run was very short. 


All of the legs still extend and lock as they should, so it is ready to be used again! 

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