Deactivated Gewehr 43 'duv 1944'

Deactivated Gewehr 43 'duv 1944'


Now here is a real rarity within the UK! A Gewehr 43 - the iconic semi-automatic rifle developed and used by German forces from mid 1943 to 1945, which was originally produced by three separate factories; Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik, Walther and the Wilhelm Gustloff-Werke.


This particular example was manufactured by the Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik (BLM) plant, under the 'duv' maker code, which first began production in early 1944 upon ceasing production of the G43's predecessor - the Gewehr 41(W). 


Its serial number '196' (no letter block) indicates that this was only the 195th rifle to roll off the production line (out of a total of ~156,000 by wars end!). Indeed, according to serial number studies, this makes it the 4th earliest BLM G43 rifle still known to survive anywhere worldwide! 


This is a textbook example, featuring all of the attributes that were unique to early BLM manufacture. These include the use of leftover bolt carriers from G41(W) production (note the serial number placement on the top, rather than to one side - as well as the solid cocking handle), the threaded front muzzle nut, stepped front sight base and the Durofol Bakelite top handguard. 


All of the serial numbers are fully matching throughout, including the wooden stock, and the rifle comes complete with an original wartime marked 10-round box magazine.


An integral sniper scope rail is affixed to the right-hand side of the receiver, designed to accept a 4x ZF4 sniper scope. 


Ultimately, the condition of this G43 remains exactly as any serious collector of WWII era small arms should want - full original wartime finish, with no postwar refinishing or other markings etc anywhere to be seen. There is even some battle scarring in the form of a clear shrapnel hit to the rifle stock (next to the sling retainer cutout, as shown) and also some inscribed initials to the butt, as shown.  


A truly stunning example, incredibly seldom seen in such an original state on the UK market, which would surely form one of the centrepieces of any deact collection! 


This item comes with its original deactivation certificate from the London Proof House to prove it has been deactivated according to correct EU GB specs (2021). There are no moving parts except for the safety mechanism and the removable magazine. 


*Note that the leather sling shown is for display purposes only and is NOT included. 


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