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D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'cxn'

D.F. 10x80 Flakfernrohr binoculars 'cxn'


A lovely pair of D.F. 10x80 Flak binoculars presented in very nice, untouched condition and clearly maker coded 'cxn' - indicating manufacture by Emil Busch Rathenow.


This particular pair are factory finished in the typical early to mid-war dark grey/blue finish, and come complete with both of the original sunshades, rubber headrest pad and mounting rails. 


The optics remain in collimation and are usable as is, although as ever they would certainly still benefit from an internal clean/service to be brought back to their true optical potential if so desired! The internal crosshair aiming reticule remains intact. 


No collection of WWII German artefacts should be without one of these iconic pieces of equipment - which are only getting increasingly hard to find in such good, original condition! 

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