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6x30 Polizei Dienstglas 'Hensoldt Wetzlar'

6x30 Polizei Dienstglas 'Hensoldt Wetzlar'


A scarce original and completely untouched example of the 6x30 Polizei Dienstglas field binoculars. 


Issued to various branches of the Police forces, this variation of optic was only produced by a few select makers - with this example being one of those produced by Hensoldt Wetzlar.


They are factory finished in black leatherette and come complete with the original leather neck strap and ocular rain guard. 


The optics remain clear and useable, with the Strichplatte reticle still present within the right-hand side.


A great set for any collector of Polizei gear or indeed a mannequin setup of the same theme! 

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