Below you will find a selection of the original WWII items which we currently have available for sale. Whilst work takes place to create a fully functioning online webshop, please utilise the contact us form to order your desired item(s) or to request any further details should they be required. Thank you. 

Klappspaten set 'dlu 1941' £275
Wffm. MG tool 'eoz 41H' £125
MGZ40 MG Lafette optic £1450
ZF4 scope set 'WaA214' £2250
MG34 bipod '993 39' £250
K98k bayonet 'crs44' £175
Tan 6x30 Dienstglas 'ddx' £225
M38 gasmask set '1940' £175
2cm Flak barrel wrench £175
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